Scientific Software

Experimental Nuclear Physics, with the help of IT division, provides support for several software packages commonly used by the user community.

The libraries are installed and maintained by Jefferson Lab staff who are active in physics analysis and simulation. They are available on the interactive JLAB CUE machines ifarm1401 and ifarm1402 and on the batch farm.


Library Author     JLAB Staff Responsible
Common Environment Maurizio Ungaro Maurizio Ungaro
ROOT CERN Robert Michaels 
CLHEP CERN Maurizio Ungaro
GEANT4 CERN/SLAC  Maurizio Ungaro
CERNLib CERN Stephen Wood
EVIO JLAB Maurizio Ungaro
CCDB Dmitry Romanov Maurizio Ungaro
GEMC Maurizio Ungaro Maurizio Ungaro
QT Qt Company Maurizio Ungaro
JANA David Lawrence Maurizio Ungaro
XERCESC Apache Maurizio Ungaro


The production tag of JLAB_VERSION is 2.4.

Both single and multi-threaded version of geant4 are supported.



Login on or

Source the softenv script with the JLAB_VERSION tag as argument:

source /site/12gev_phys/softenv.csh 2.4

If you use bash:

source /site/12gev_phys/ 2.4
This will load geant4 in single-threaded mode. If you want to use the multithreaded version of geant4, set the environment variable GEANT4_VERSION to 4.10.06.p02MT before issuing these commands.

Production Tags

The libraries releases are organized using the JLAB_VERSION tags. The list of supported tags is available here.


User selection of libraries:

Starting with JLAB_VERSION 2.3, users can select a subsystem of these supported libraries:

banks ccdb clhep evio geant4 gemc jana mlibrary mysql qt root scons xercesc

by putting their list in a ~/.jlab_software file. For example, for geant4 only support, that file would read:

clhep geant4 qt xercesc


Docker images.

Docker images are available starting with JLAB_VERSION 2.2:

To run in batch mode:

docker run -it --rm jeffersonlab/jlabce:2.3 bash

To run in in interactive mode:

docker run -it --rm -p 6080:6080 -p 5900:5900 jeffersonlab/jlabce:2.3

then point your web brower to: http://localhost:6080



How to get help.

The first place to look for help is in the documentation linked to from the list. Try their blogs/discussion forums, or search online.

If you need help specific to the JLAB installation please submit a CCPR with the category "SCIENTIFIC COMPUTING".

Further documentation of the Common Environment Framework can be found here.


Local Installation

To install the packages on a local machine check the Step-By-Step instructions.

The Common Environment Framework code is available on github.


The Batch Farm

The environment is available on the batch farm. To use it, add the softenv source line above to your submission scripts.

The batch farm is maintained by the scientific computing group in IT division. Please refer to their website for information about how to use the data analysis and storage facilities at JLab.



From time to time we need to get the word out about software updates and known issues. Please subscribe to the JLab mailing list jlab-scicomp-briefs to keep up to date.



Feedback is always welcome. There is a scientific support committee that reviews which packages are supported and how support is provided. Feel free to contact any member of the committee.

Maurizio Ungaro



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