2012-12-06 Full committee


  • Minutes of previous meeting.
  • Presentation and discussion of charge.
    • Is there anything that we want to add to the scope?
    • What about software distribution?
  • Presentation and discussion of progress by sub-group on documentation and feedback.
    • Can we start updating documentation and who will do it?
  • Discussion of how to proceed with other items in the charge.
  • Action items for period between this meeting and the next.
  • AOB.

In attendance
Graham Heyes, Bob Michaels, Patrizia Rossi, Javier Gomez, Steve Wood, Mark Ito, Brad Sawatzky, Maurizio Ungaro, Sandy Philpott


  • The charge was presented and it was agreed that it was a good draft and should be forwarded to Rolf and Chip for approval.
  • The committee felt that, since it drafted it's own charge, it should be free to amend the charge in future (subject to approval).
  • Sandy presented  her minutes on the meeting of the group discussing integration with the help desk, documentation and IT specific issues.
    • The committee was impressed with the progress made towards using CCPRs for managing support requests. In particular one user had already asked for help via this mechanism and Maurizio was providing support for the user. So the system works!
    • Sandy will provide some "how to" and documentation so that people managing packages know how the to use CCPR system from the perspective of support provider.
    • How to proceed with documentation was discussed. It was agreed that data.jlab.org will be used for meeting minutes, notes and other documentation of a general nature and will be linked both ways to the existing IT scientific computing website. There was discussion on the issue of where documentation for the supported software packages should be hosted. There was tentative agreement that it does not matter where the package specific documentation resides if it is well clearly linked to from the general information on the IT and data.jlab.org sites. Various members of the committee will be given access to both sites so that they can add information.
    • The issue of setup and version control was discussed. A sub group of Maurizio, Bob and Steve will look into this.

Action items from the meeting

  • Clean up data.jlab.org and start adding meeting information, notes and general information for the users.
  • Sandy to provide CCPR information.
  • Give the committee members editing access to the websites as required.
  • Sub committee to look at software setup and version management will report next time.
  • Next meeting will be in January.
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