2013-07-19 Full committee


Action items from the last meeting

  • More work on the web site functionality and content.
    • Email to the software maintainers with instructions on how to edit content.
  • Email from Sandy on CCPR system.
  • Maurizio and Bob to work on package and version management.
  • Sandy, Bob and Maurizio to look into backwards compatibility with /apps.
  • Add other supported packages to the scheme.
  • Sandy to link IT wiki to this website.
  • Draft an email and JLab Brief article for discussion and review next time.
  • Meet in a month - added to Zimbra calendar for May 24th.


  • Reminder of minutes from last meeting.
  • What has been done since the last meeting and what is left on the list?
  • People should add documentation etc to the support website.
  • Version management.
  • AOB



Action items from this meeting

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