Committee members

  • Graham Heyes (chair)
  • Patrizia Rossi, ENP management
  • Javier Gomez, hall-A and ENP management
  • Mark Ito, hall-D
  • Bob Michaels, hall-A
  • Steve Wood, hall-C
  • Brad Sawatzky, hall-C
  • Maurizio Ungaro, hall-B
  • Sandy Philpott, IT scientific computing


Traditionally scientific software packages have been supported on an ad-hoc basis by various staff and users in ENP division. Meanwhile the scientific computing group in IT division has been responsible for the day-to-day operation of the systems used to run simulation and analysis jobs. This committee was formed to formalize the support of scientific software. The primary goal is to give the laboratory users clear mechanisms to obtain the software that they need, to get help and to give feedback. It is also a goal of this committee to ensure that the software packages are well maintained and updated in a way that minimizes disruption of users. For further details please see the charge to the committee.

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