CERNLib Support at Jefferson Lab

CERNlib 2005 is the supported version at JLab.   This version is supported on Computer Center managed machines running either 32 or 64 bit versions of the following operating systems:

To setup CERNLib for use, type the command

setup cernlib

This command will define the following environment variables

and add $CERN_ROOT/bin to PATH.

If the setup command does not work, make sure that "source /site/env/syscshrc" has been added to .cshrc.

Some systems will include a version of CERNLib with the operating system.  It is recommended to use the above setup command to override this version with the locally built verison.

Support for non-default compilers

By default, CERNLib is only compatible with the default gcc version for the respective Enterprise Linux versions.  Upon request, CERNLib can be built for other versions of gcc if those versions are support by the computer center.  (I.e. versions in /apps/gcc).  Submit a helpdesk ticket to request support for a non-default compiler.

Support for other operating systems

JLab does not provide support for CERNLib on other flavors of Linux (i.e. Ubuntu) or other operating systems (i.e. MACOSX).

CERNLib Source

The source code for the CERNLib version used at JLab is obtained from