The committee is charged with providing support for scientific software packages for data simulation and analysis. Specifically the committee shall:

  1. Define the relationship between ENP and IT in this area and develop policies and procedures to organize software support.
  2. Identify software packages, both lab written and third party, that are commonly used for data analysis by laboratory users.
  3. Identify or assign staff or users to be responsible for the installation and maintenance of the individual software packages.
  4. Identify or assign staff or users to be responsible for the day-to-day support of the individual software packages.
  5. Provide mechanisms for management and distribution of information, documentation and software packages and to give notification to the users when updates occur.
  6. Provide mechanisms for the users to submit requests for support, manage those requests and identify responders.
  7. Revisit all of these areas on a regular basis so that they continue to be supported.
  8. Upon request by users evaluate whether new software packages should be added to the supported suite. 

A PDF of the memo that established the charge is linked to below...

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