Using clhep for Application Development at Jefferson Lab. 


Updated March 28, 2014

  • clhep is set of libraries for random generators, physics vectors, geometry and linear algebra.
  • clhep is part of the CUE environment and is installed in /site/12gev_phys.
  • At Jefferson Lab, clhep is maintained by Maurizio Ungaro



The clhep environment is set up automatically with the other packages using the JLab common environment scripts, for example:

source /site/12gev_phys/softenv.csh 2.2


Available Versions

The supported geant4 versions can be found here.


Compiling clhep applications

The JLab common environment provides utilities to compile clhep applications using scons.

The SConstruct file should include the lines:

from init_env import init_environment
env = init_environment("clhep")

This will load the clhep environment in scons.


clhep on your PC using CUE install

A step-by-step guide on how to install clhep can be found here.


New Feature Requests

If you want a clhep feature not included in the standard release I'll be happy to help implement it.  


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