Computing related topics

Jefferson lab provides for it's nuclear physics users a scientific computing infrastructure. A computing cluster, colloquially known as The Farm, provides interactive and batch data processing capabilities. A mass storage system provides bulk data storage in the form of several flavors of disk storage (work, volatile and cache) and a robotic tape library. The computing requirements are driven my the facility users and coordinated by the hall or collaboration leadership and Experimental Nuclear Physics (ENP) division management. The ENP division funds the computing resources and their ongoing maintenance as part of the annual operation budget.

This computing infrastructure is managed by the Scientific Computing (SCI) group in IT division. Networking and other support for computing for ENP is provided by the Computing and Networking Infrastructure (CNI) group, also in IT. The IT division is also responsible for cyber security and for managing various computing related metrics that are reported to the DOE.

There are several areas where coordinated interaction between ENP and IT takes place at a technical level. This is done via the offline and online computing coordinators, assisted by the leader of the ENP data acquisition support group.

The coordinators are:


  • A - Ole Hansen
  • B - Veronique Ziegler
  • C - Brad Sawatzky
  • D - Mark Ito


  • A - Alexandre Camsonne
  • B - SergeyBoyarinov
  • C - Brad Sawatzky
  • D - David Lawrence

Some of these areas of interaction between ENP and IT divisions are documented in the following pages.

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